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  • So, let me see if I’m right: you launched this plugin here and got users to test and use the FREE service. Then, you created PREMIUM-only accounts, and discontinued the free accounts. Am I right?

    If this is right, this plugin by itself won’t do anything. It should not be on Though SaaS interface plugins are permitted, trialware is not accepted in the plugin directory, as per the plugin directory guidelines.

    When the plugin was first launched, there was no indication that it would be available only for paid accounts.

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  • This seems to be a tautological statement you’re making. You’re complaining about the plugin which now conforms to the guidelines. Surely the time to complain has passed?

    I’m worried about shady business tactics that use this plugin directory and, hopefully, contribute to make it healthier and safer. There’s no expiration date for that, I guess.

    It’s one thing to distribute a plugin which works as an interface to a paid service right from day one. One other thing is distributing a working plugin with no mention to paid accounts, gather users from this directory, and discontinue the service, using the exact same plugin to hook paid customers and their backups.

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