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  • Jaja..


    Just a question for people who have more experience with WordPress,

    We can create unlimited Post Types but we only have 7 different Post Formats?
    And prob. no website need all those 7 Post Formats at the same time but why the …. can’t we change the names of those Post Formats at the admin?

    At this time i’m building a theme for someone who is very new to websites and has never work with any CMS.

    So on the Pages side of the CMS i build a few Page templates that he can pick from when writing a new Page. He now has an option to go for Wide, Small and Medium-layout to make Pages in. (very easy)

    But now we go to the Posts side of the CMS.
    We don’t have a drop down option for picking a layout to post in, so i just changed Gallery view to a Wide layout, Standard to a Small layout and i kept Aside to a ‘Medium’ layout that only place some information no link in heading.
    Very cool everything works.. only ONE PROBLEM i can’t change the names Gallery, Standard and Aside in the Admin. How could you tell someone you have just build a website for that if he wants to Post a new Blog Post he should choice Gallery to get a Wide layout?

    I think that would be the same if i made a CMS in Chinese language for this person.

    So i start searching about it and i found Custom Post Types.
    That looks even more friendly because it duplicates the Post section in the admin and this way you could get a Wide Layout section Posts, Small Layout section Posts and Medium Layout section Posts at the Admin menu (left, top)

    Everything done and i changed all the template files but after that i found out that the Permalinks structure are your worst nightmare when it comes to Custom Post Types.

    These are my my Permalinks setting of my WordPress CMS.

    When i installed Custom Post Type it went to this.

    When i did turn off the Rewrite option in the Custom Post Type i got this:

    I don’t want this, i want my Permalinks structure to show up between my domain and post_name

    Like this: of the Custom Post Type

    Why is this not possible?

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  • digibucc


    i assume by format you meant template.
    you can have more post/page formats, you just have to create and name them. it’s not the filename, there is a title inside the file that get’s read by wordpress, that’s where you have to change the name and it will then be a selectable template.

    as for the permalink settings, i don’t know.

    Post formats are intentionally made so you can’t change them. The point is to have standard formats, portable across themes. They were made for a very specific reason. Any user should be able to post in these formats, and use any theme, and not have to worry about having to revise themes to make these tings work.

    Now that being said, in all reality, post formats are just a taxonomy. Be creative and do your own thing.

    You could simply register a meta box in the sidebar with whatever options you need, even using radio buttons as WP does.

    Post formats are simply a taxonomy. They are just handled internally by WP. You could register your very own special custom taxonomies. ANd link the taxonomy to the radio buttons you just made in the sidebar

    Then make all your very own special templates based on these taxonomies.

    WordPress can do whatever you need it to, sometimes you just have to come up with creative solutions.

    As for your permalinks question, unfortunately I got nothing, that’s not my area of strength



    Thanks for the replays..

    Yes i found a few possible options to makes templates and layout and link them to category’s, taxonomies or post formats thats where WordPress is so flexible.

    It’s just the Permalinks structure where it fails.
    Only the Rewrite function in the Custom Post Type sucks.

    If this would be possible WordPress would make my day and solve all the problems..

    'rewrite' => array('slug' => '%year%/%monthnum%/', 'with_front' => false),

    For now i’m going to dig deeper into Taxonomies maybe i can work something out with those setting.


    Custom Post Type Permalinks – Part 2

    Seems like it may be useful for you




    That seems like how you could let it work!

    Bummer its not in my league..
    Maybe in some period of time i can understand it better, but i don’t wanna kill this WordPress site by doing something that i don’t understand fully.

    So for now i go for the safe mode and handle all post inside the POSTS menu option and select a different Post Format (Aside, Gallery) for different layouts.

    Maybe i could change the names of the Post Formats in the wp-includes > post.php file.
    (only the second. column at line 5126)

    function get_post_format_strings() {
    	$strings = array(
    		'standard' => _x( 'Standard', 'Post format' ), // Special case. any value that evals to false will be considered standard
    		'aside'    => _x( 'TEST1',    'Post format' ),
    		'chat'     => _x( 'Chat',     'Post format' ),
    		'gallery'  => _x( 'TEST2',  'Post format' ),
    		'link'     => _x( 'Link',     'Post format' ),
    		'image'    => _x( 'Image',    'Post format' ),
    		'quote'    => _x( 'Quote',    'Post format' ),
    		'status'   => _x( 'Status',   'Post format' ),
    		'video'    => _x( 'Video',    'Post format' ),
    		'audio'    => _x( 'Audio',    'Post format' ),
    	return $strings;

    That would change them names of the Post Formats inside the Admin sidebar at New Post!

    Bummer i have to redo it after every WP update.

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