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  • Sorry about not using backticks. It won’t happen again. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. I don’t suppose anyone would like to tell me where to find that code so that I could delete it. Or, is it better to leave it there?

    You can edit your previous post and use the backticks. As for your question, you can leave it there… or not, your preference. It just tells your posters what code is available for them to use in their comments.

    Thanks Beel. I’ve made the correction with the backticks.

    Good job!
    OK, now you “deserve” the answer (just joking…)
    In your WP main directory find the file wp-comments.php and somewhere in the middle (don’t know exactly because I moved mine below the text area) you will find something like this:
    <?php _e("Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTML allowed:"); ?> <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?>
    If you want you can delete it or just comment it with “//” – without quotation, of course.

    I’ve still got the following code popping up for visitors:
    a href="" title="" rel=""> <b><br />
    <blockquote cite=""> <code> <em> <i> <strike> <strong>

    Can’t find it to hide it.

    Sorry, the code corrupted my post. I can’t hide that code. That’s what I’m trying to say. I just..can’t…hide…the…code…

    Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    That code just tells would-be commenters which HTML tags they can use. If you really don’t want it, remove the part in your wp-comments.php file that says:

    <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?>

    You can hide the code, but commenters will still be able to use the code if they know how to do basic HTML. Showing that code is only for information purposes only, and it’s really only presentational HTML tags anyway.

    I’m happy for them to code as much as their hearts desire, but the code looks ugly. Thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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