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    Hi guys,

    I have a blog which uses WordPress 2.9.1 (most recent version). Some of my readers complained that when they try to click the links in my feed ( ) which are supposed to navigate them to my webpage (like the tags on every post’s bottom) they arrives to the following website: ,and sometimes to a fake antivirus page, which wants to make them download an exe-file.

    This issue only occurs in readers which are made by Google (iGoogle, Google Reader). I tried this in Opera’s built-in RSS-browser, and in NewsCrawler too, but I didn’t experienced any problems.

    I suppose that there’s something wrong with Reader (and iGoogle), because when I click on a link in other feedreader it works in the correct way.

    Could you please suggest some resolution to this issue?

    Thanks in advance,

    JonC ( )

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  • ok, I see there are some problems… but I checked my original feed (this one), and there are no errors. I tried it in my Google Reader, but the issue still occurs, in spite of the fact that this is a valid feed 🙁

    Some of my visitors said the same as I experienced: this issue occurs only when they reads my feed through Google Reader. Are there any possibility that this error affecting only this Google stuff?

    hmmm….strange – I had no trouble adding the feed to google reader here

    don’t know what to tell you

    sorry if I wasn’t described it clearly (it’s likely to happen, because my English is quite poor, I know), but the problem is not that I wasn’t able to add any of me feeds to Google Reader. In fact the real problem is: it doesn’t matter which feed is used in Reader, because it’s hacked someway, and the feed’s links are redirected to Only those links are affected which are supposed to link back to my blog, so the blog’s Facebook, and Twitter account’s links are working correctly.

    Strange, but it seems to be true: this only happens if somebody reads the feed via Google Reader, with the other RSS-readers it works fine. My visitors are mostly using the Google’s solution, so that’s why this issue makes me mad.

    I’m very confused now, sorry if my description was too complicated …

    sorry for dupe, but I successfully resolved this issue! if sbody experiencing some kind of redirecting (like in my case) just check your php files on your host!

    I’ve found a decoded snippet in my config.php:

    eval(base64_decode(“CglpZiAoc[removed part]wp9Cgk=”));

    I just deleted it, and everything was become normal in my feed!

    Thank U very much dear..
    I was facing the same prob and i deleted
    decoded snippet from my config.php:

    eval(base64_decode(“CglpZiAoc[removed part]wp9Cgk=”));
    Now it’s working fine..
    Thank U once again..!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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