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    Dear people,

    since Monday, the GADWP/Exact Metrics has been ever so slow on all of my 10 websites. In some cases, it even (I guess) times out and gives me the -23 and (I believe) the -500 error.
    Can somebody telle me what’s going on?

    Kind regards,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Anybody?

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    We haven’t changed anything in our plugin so if it’s slow maybe try clearing the Google API warnings using the button in the errors and debug submenu item


    Thank you for answering. I have already cleared the plug-in’s cache and the report and reset errors. The Google analytics errors and debug submenu doesn’t mention any errors. Any other ideas?

    Many thanks in advance,

    Kind regards,


    I’m not the plugin developer so chiming in here only to add my experience with GADWP and 500 errors.

    Are you using Cloudflare?

    Which web host are you using?

    The GADWP dashboard widget usually loads slowly when there is a script conflict with another plugin or when the scripts used by GADWP are blocked by your web host.

    I recently had a problem with a web host that stopped working nicely with Cloudflare. The host’s security settings caused certain scripts to return 502 errors. This caused Cloudflare to determine the site to be offline or caused Cloudflare to let the site load but with reduced script based functionality. The outcome was that the GADWP dashboard widget loaded slowly, if at all.

    Check for plugin conflicts. Test with Cloudflare disabled.

    In honesty, GADWP has been an issue since ExactMetrics took over the plugin.

    Hi Lee,

    thank you so much for your update.
    I am not using Cloudflare, and the web host is just fine too. None of my 10 websites has had a problem with my hosting partner so far.
    I really cannot imagine GADWP having a problem with another plug-in either, since it was particularly since last week Monday that it slowed down all of a sudden. Without having updated old plug-ins or adding new ones.
    Right now, I am deleting and reinstalling all instances of the plug-in on my websites.

    Kind regards,


    As a matter of fact, another plug-in of mine, Updraftplus, has become extraordinarily slow too backing up one of my sites today… Strange!

    I would look at the host side. The host might have adjusted the server software. I would also check whether a plugin has autoupdated. Both Wordfence and Yoast updated this past week, if you use them, for example.

    Check your server error logs. Maybe also enable WP Debug (instructions for this are in the WordPress documentation).

    Specific to GADWP. The last update to GADWP was last week, I think. It caused some of my sites to lose their GADWP authorisation token to connect with Google Analytics. One site I looked at today had out-of-memory errors caused by GADWP. The cause of those errors is probably different to your own errors. Neither one of these 2 errors caused the widget stats to load slowly.

    Slow loading of the widget is, as I mentioned, normally caused by a script conflict or by a script being rate limited by the host.

    I had forgotten to mention that I had already checked with my hosting partner. They said they hadn’t changed anything.
    But I’ll certainly look into the possibility of a script conflict. Thanks again!

    You are welcome.

    It was the Yoast plug-in indeed. I have deativated both the regular and the video plug-in and everything is back to normal now. Yahoo!

    Kind regards,


    That means GADWP and Yoast need to have a chat about script conflicts. It’s possible one of them is not loading scripts the proper way i.e. register, enqueue and no-conflict mode.

    I could check the code of each but have other things to do today. It’s something GADWP and Yoast need to resolve. As issues like this are common with GADWP I’d wager that GADWP contains the faulty script(s).

    Thanks for writing back, Piet.

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