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  • Pretty much as the title – wp3.7.n allowed config of number of cols in the admin dashboard, can’t see that in wp3.8. Backward step imo (others may disagree). The current layout in 3.8 is cramped as a consequence – not everyone has 20/20 vision and meg large monitors. Very poor.

    Can’t link as its my admin panel.

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  • + 1 to bring back the ability to control columns number.
    I want to decide myself how to organize my dashboard space, not let screen to do and force it for me.
    I really don’t understand why devs took off this useful feature.



    I also want the ability to choose how many columns are displayed. One of my sites is forcing three columns, but since I only use two Dashboard widgets, there’s a lot of wasted, useless empty space on my Dashboard. And now I have to squint to read the stuff anyway! Makes me want to skip the Dashboard entirely… Strangely, my other three sites are displaying two columns, the way I like it. I access them all from the same computer, and they’re all set up the same way, with the admin menu collapsed, so I can’t understand why just the one site would be behaving differently… Will try some of the suggestions above for now, but am really hoping WP reintroduces the choice in Screen Options soon. Thanks.

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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