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  • I am afraid that the tab title “Text” in the editor is going to cause confusion.

    People who do not know html (basic users) where kept away from the tab by the scary name “html”. I am sure new users will start using that tab now if they want to “just enter plain text”.
    What is the thought behind adding this confusion? Why not just call a spade a spade, if its html then call it html is my opinion.

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  • Confusion? I thought it was clarity!

    Nothing about that editor is an html editor.

    It is a plain text window. It is useful for inputting html, but in the end, it is a simplified window in which to add plain text – rather than WYSIWYG.

    No, it does not display html. I just upgraded and can no longer see my html code when I click on Text. The screen is now blank.

    @kentll I can see html tags and text just fine, so there must be another reason for you not seeing the html code.

    @rev.Vodoo when you can work with html tags an average editor would not consider it plain text
    It can be hard sometimes to put yourself into the position of people that really do not know html… but I can assure you many of my clients do not know a single tag.

    Well, in future I will take that whole “backup before installing new version” message much more seriously. Sigh…

    I’m having the same issue…. it’s not a problem, yet, but I was confused as to why the HTML function was removed (or changed to TEXT). I tried adding html code into a post on the one site I’ve updated so far and it actually posted the html code on the site inside the post instead of converting it. Is this how it will be going forward? I just need to know…..

    Oh and I did add the exact same html code into a post on a ver 3.4.2 site and it converted it on the website. Just FYI…..

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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