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    I’ve got Super-Cache up and running and confirmed that it is indeed caching pages. But for some reason there’s a particular post of mine that it refuses to cache. It may not be the only one either, but it’s the only one I found so far that Super-Cache won’t cache for some reason.

    I blanked out all the rulesets in settings that prevent caches based on url strings, US agents, etc etc and still this post will not be cached. There’s nothing unusual about it either, just a simple post with several photos. I have plenty of similar posts written the same way and they all appear to be caching fine. Have you ever seen this behavior before? What would cause something like this?

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  • I just ran a bot that crawled (and thus generated) a cache for every page listed in my sitemap.xml file. Virtually all of the pages generated caches EXCEPT for this one stupid post. Maddening.

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    Enable debugging in the plugin and reload that page. The log should tell you why it’s not caching, I hope!

    Turned it on and sure enough it was definitely not caching the page:

    /blahblahyaddayadda In WP Cache Phase 2
    /blahblahyaddayadda Setting up WordPress actions
    /blahblahyaddayadda Created output buffer
    /blahblahyaddayadda DONOTCACHEPAGE defined. Caching disabled.

    I finally figured out why now, apparently I had some leftover code back when I was attempting to disable the cache for certain dynamic portions of the site. I completely forgot about it.

    It’s all good now. 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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