Support » Plugins » Why is SK2’s anubis plugin approving comments on IP blacklist?

  • I have a troll whose comments I always ban using SK2 to do so. I know his IP addresses are in the SK2 blacklist because I’ve checked. But I can’t figure out how he’s getting by. I do see in my SK2 log that the troll’s comments ARE moderated via the IP blacklist. But then they are approved via the ‘anubis plugin.’ I can’t figure out why or how it’s letting him publish. If there’s a way to stop anubis fr. doing this I’d like to know.

    At one time I did allow him to post a single comment. But I’ve banned every IP address he’s used to post comments & none of his comments are ever stopped.

    Because this fellow always uses the same e mail address & url in his comment contact info, I’d dearly like to have a way to blacklist folks using such info. The plugin essentially supercedes WP’s comment moderation settings so I can’t add these variables to my settings & so ban his comments.

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