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  • When I click on “Share This” on my blog posts, the pop-up pops up rather far below the link. Depending on where it is when a user clicks on it, that could mean that it may look as though it’s not showing up at all.

    How can I correct this?

    EDIT: I suppose it would help if I provide a link 🙂

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  • Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    I can tell you that I’ve only seen this behavior while using the blog theme Anaconda. I’m guessing that means it’s reacting to some css, but not sure how to isolate.

    I am having this same problem with crimson sunrise theme. Have tried just about everything to fix it. I can get it closer to the right place by disabling the auto form in the footer and putting it under the_content, but it is still not right, no matter what I do to the css.

    If I adjust the offset (in the share-this.php file), the best I can do is to get the form to display at the top of the footer instead of approximately 2000 pixels below the footer, which is where it displays if I keep the defaults.

    I will keep trying. Any ideas on a fix are appreciated. Site is Thanks!

    My share this box appears below the footer at the very bottom of the page with a large white space above it. Anyone know what to do?

    By trying a different theme I have determined that it is the theme that is the problem – or, in other words, that the two don’t work very well together.

    my preferred theme is

    I’d still be interested in any clues (CSS?) as how to fix it…

    For the record, popup window locations have absolutely *nothing* to do with CSS. It’s the javascript that handles it.

    CSS can’t do “on action” events, like when you click a link. CSS can handle hovers, but it certainly doesn’t handle popup windows. The position of the popup window is all in the script – not your stylesheet.

    I have the same problem as radnet: My share-this (version 1.4, but I also tried the SVN) popup displays quite a bit UNDER the footer…

    Check out to see the problem…

    Any help is appreciated!

    i didn’t face that’ kinds of problem. Better change your present theme. Hope, this problem will solved.

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    I’d like to see a fix for this… works fine in Firefox, but in IE, the popup appears further down the screen instead of directly under the Share This link. The popup moves even further down the page (and off-screen) as the post location gets further down the page. Seems there is an IE javascript issue here (this problem happens in IE 6 AND IE7)

    double and triple posting won’t help you. Stop it.

    Often, it DOES help, when it is related to several DIFERENT threads which people may be subscribing to via RSS.
    I have “stopped” , by the way. I wasn’t going to do more than 2 or 3. It seems like some threads get more “response” than others. It’s just natural to ask the same question in different but on-topic threads. It’s not like I’m spamming. I’m trying to find a solution to my problem.

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