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    Since we have installed Booster plugin and added cost of goods to all products long, long ago WooCommerce always shows the profit for every single order. This is not bad, but of course not enough. The WooCommerce Reports show everything else, but profit. But finding a plugin to make these numbers visible in the reports is a nightmare:

    I tried 2 of them this morning, but both are not working:

    – WooCommerce Profit of Sales Report
    – Ultimate Reports

    I purchased the 1st one from for 5 USD, a reasonable price for something so simple and basic. But it does not work, shows the full sales as profit, instead of sales minus COG (yes, of course COG have been added to every of our 300+ products in the Meta field added by the plugin). I expected this plugin to be a fake, because I did not have any experience with GPLplugins and it looked suspicious that the same plugin is 26 bucks on Codecanyon. Okay, I uninstalled and disputed my 5 bucks, went to Envato and purchased what I hoped to be the legit version. But for 26 bucks, I received the exact same nonsense. As it turned out, the author does not provide any support or update for years already. So I had to go ahead and dispute those 26 bucks I paid as well.

    The other one I tried was “Ultimate Reports” from WooPro, setting me back 40 USD for just 6 month of support. This is already very expensive for a subscription, but would be acceptable for a one-time purchase. The reviews are good, and I wanted to give it a try. It shows a lot of information, but NO profit at all. I had to activate COG in the settings, and then go into a sub-menu somewhere, to generate a profit report for a certain period. And then it says “click on ‘Search’ to see the results”… but NO search button far and wide. Not with Firefox, not with Chrome. Absolutely useless. This was the 3rd time this morning I had to dispute a purchase because the product is just not working.

    So, now my question: WHY is the most important information for every salesmen not available by default?

    There is a plugin from SkyVerge “Cost Of Goods” what is supposed to do exactly what the 5 or 26 bucks is supposed to do as well, and (surprise, surprise) the screenshots look absolutely identical as well. Looks like someone realized that they can make 79 USD for the same thing instead only 5 bucks, and changed the developer name and plugin name, to cover it up?

    79 USD is not even a one-time payment, it is for just 12 months of updates and support for something what MUST be a basic function within an ecommerce system.

    Is there something someone can recommend, working and affordable?

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  • Stef


    You sound angry that someone created and offered you a “FREE” plugin.

    Yelling at an eCommerce plugin to become your bookkeeper slash accountant isn’t very good for business. This is an online cart, not bookkeeping software.

    Nor are any of these extensions you mentioned going to help you achieve hard numbers. If you want accurate reporting you need accounting software. You can’t expect a shopping cart plugin to do that for you. WC isn’t going to know what you spent in COGS for the month of April and place it against the sales for that month. It just doesn’t work that way.

    If you want to be successful in business you’ll get yourself an accounting software, something like QuickBooks that can actually talk to your online store and give you the P&L you so desire. Or get a bookkeeper even.

    At least WC gives you “net profit” (line 3) for sales for which anyone who knows how to create a spreadsheet can take that and put it against their COGS and overall expenses to show them a bottom line.

    I don’t remember to have asked for a business advice. Which I wouldn’t do after running several successful businesses since 1991 either. When I ask for the time I am not expecting someone to recommend me buying a watch. Maybe someone else (a non-weisenheimer) has a better idea for me (than to hire another accountant) to make for example daily, weekly monthly profits visible in WooCommerce reports? Just like sales, inventory and taxes are shown in the WooCommerce reports? Booster for WC only shows the profit per order, but has no statistics for a chosen period.

    Plugin Support Amanda


    Hi @volkerforster,

    You may want to take a look at the new WooCommerce Admin plugin. It is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site.

    You can read more about the background of the project in our Alpha announcement post

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