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    Hi there

    I thought the preview links weren’t supposed to work unless logged into the admin?

    Well, if you go to, it’s working.

    How can I get this not to work since it obviously doesn’t look good.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello Todd,

    I’m not sure how you were able to access that url in your browser without being logged into the backend of your site. The url is accessible as a link in the Popup Admin. The plugin creates a post-type named ‘popup’ specifically for the purpose of allowing Admins the ability to preview their popup in the browser.

    Please don’t pass that url as a custom link either into a navigation menu element or as a link on a page. The post-type is not intended to display on the front-end for site visitors (e.g. those not logged in). If you do use it as a nav element or a page link, it will most likely return a 404/Page Not Found error in the browser.

    As you can see, works. Why? Shouldn’t it give a 404?

    Hello Todd,

    I consulted with the plugin developer, Daniel Iser about this support request. Here is his response:

    “My only reasonable guess is that the client is working with a site running Visual Composer (VC), and that some code operating on the site is forcing the popup
    post-type status setting to change from ‘private’ to ‘public’.

    In order to get VC to work properly for popups in the admin, you have to trick it into running popups as ‘public’ post-types. Some other plugin or their site theme is changing the Popup Maker post-type status from ‘private’ to ‘public’ for all users.”

    You would have to test (deactivate, reactivate) all plugins systematically on your site to check which plugin (or theme) might be interfering with the post-type status of Popup Maker.

    Hi there

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    If I understand what Daniel is saying, it’s a VC issue. But honestly, as VC is one of the most widely used page builders, I’d think this is something you’d want to find a solution for.

    Take a look at I’ve enabled VC to work on Popup CPT so that the client can manage his design needs on his popups better and easier.

    What you’re saying is that by me enabling this setting, I’ve in fact made the post-type status to ‘public’ and that’s why the links work? If that’s the case, I’m afraid there’s something off with your logic.

    Maybe on ‘edit.php?post_type=popup&page=pum-settings&tab=misc’ you should add an option that when VC is used the post-status remains ‘private?’

    Thanks for giving this some consideration.


    Plugin Author danieliser


    @toddedelman – Sorry, I wasn’t more clear.

    We have fixes in place to work with VC. In order to make it work we do 2 things, filter the popup post type args on the visual composer settings page forcing it to a public post type so it shows up in the list of post types VC is enabled on, and force it to public on the popup editor page as well so that the VC editor isn’t disabled.

    We have a lot of users using them together so this isn’t a VC + Popup Maker issue as much as it is an edge case based on some specific combination of plugins & functionality on your site.

    Can you send me via our sites support copies of the theme, vc (version your using now) and a list of others so I can see if I can duplicate it? I will say we have had to adjust our code for VC ~5 times over the last 2.5 years because they keep rewriting it all in ways that make our integrations useless. What makes that more of a PITA is that we then have to keep track of what hacks we used for each different version and then add version checks to load the correct hacks. Really wish those guys would stop trying to reinvent the same wheels, pick a structure that works and stick with it so it stays compatible, but likely wishful thinking. Find this to be true with many of the plugins available on CodeCanyon unfortunately, no underlying force ( community) forcing them to stay backward compatible like we do.

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