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  • here is the link

    this post is rated by one user after that nobody can rate why is it

    Hi aroohn, I just clicked on your link and rated the post without any problems (using firefox if that is of any help).

    @sficht why is it workin only in few browsers how can i solve it plz help

    Hi aroohn, I repeated the test with IE (with a different IP than yesterday of course) and could perform a rating just as well. Have you tried to clear your browser cache? (Just guessing here as I have no clue about what might be the problem.) For me it seems like everything works just fine.

    i have implemented this plugin in my live site please check this is it workin for you

    Well… I could rate with IE but not with Firefox and not with my iPhone’s Safari browser. At the latter two I don’t even get any animation – the stars just seem to be a picture without any function whatsoever.

    i can rate it in ie but not in google chrome and firefox can i solve this issue or is there any better plugin

    I can only imagine that it maybe interferes with your theme. I have the plugin installed and it’s working perfectly (see here for example).

    hi sficht..can u suggest any other plugin for this

    Sorry, this is the only one I tried (as far as I remember). But looking at your site’s source code it looks pretty messed up. The image (the stars) is included several times in a row while the actual functions aren’t called at all. Are you sure you inserted the right line of code?

    On my site it’s allowed to vote only one post. If you want to vote another post it says “Please rate only 1 post at a time”.
    Please some suggestions to fix this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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