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  • Hello,

    For the past 2 weeks, our WordPresses have been horribly slow. This includes the actual website AND dashboard.

    We have spent the past 2 days on the phone with our hosting – GoDaddy – and they have run every kind of test and nothing is coming up as an issue with the hosting or the database connection.

    First off – We have not done anything new to the designs and have not added any new plugins.

    We are freaking out as it is taking up to 30 or 40 seconds to go from one page to the next. Also, saving an update can sometimes take several minutes. And in addition to taking forever to save and update, sometimes it won’t update at all and instead pops up a page.php file it tries to open in dreamweaver.

    We have found several postings about this issue, and people just keep telling people to call their host and check their plugins. Then we all do that, and nothing solves it.

    Is it possible that WordPress 2.91 has an issue?

    Here is a URL where the issue is the worst:

    It’s killing our website right now and we’d love a solution.

    Thank you for any answers :\

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  • I have built a very simple Web site with about two dozen pages, and almost no plugins (had 6, turned off all but 1 or 2), at

    I am getting this ridiculous series of “Fatal error” messages.

    I am hosted on GoDaddy, and realized I was on a Windows server instead of a Linux one. I am moving operating systems, but GoDaddy said it will take a few days.

    I have done all kinds of editing of the various MEMORY_LIMIT things on the default-constants.php and other files, and the problem persists.

    Maybe switching my servers will fix the issue — but I am wondering what more I can do.

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