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  • I’m sick of trying to optimise my WordPress site. Everything I do seems to have no effect!!

    I’ve bought and am now using a cdn, I’ve minified CSS and everything else, using WordPress w3 total cache, have gone back to the twenty twelve theme as it’s more “basic” than what I was previously using thus meaning less elements to load.

    Any other ideas?

    My website is

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m really stuck here!!



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  • I think you have optimized your site. See the report:

    It’s taking 6+ seconds just for your server to respond. You’ve either got to many wordpress installs on a single hosting package, or you need a new host.

    Hi, thanks for the replies. Krishna, that’s why I was confused. I had checked on many sites including gtmetrix and was told that everything was optimised and working fine.
    Also, how can I check how long it takes for the server to respond and if the problem really lies with the host?
    Did you find loading the site slow as well?

    As I mentioned earlier, your site loads in less than a second as I re-tested it now. And it is one of the fastest I tested recently. You may test again yourself and see the result. So, you need not be overly worried about loading speed.

    As regards hosting, I can’t say if changing hosts would help you further. What will you do if a new host’s hosting environment gives you even slower loading? However, it’s your decision, only yours, and the resulting situation also will have only you as responsible. So, make your own considered decision.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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