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  • My site’s URL (web address) is:

    My site is more than one month old. I already submitted my site to google, sitemap to google webmaster and also added Google Analytics to my site. but still when i search my site in google search, i cannot find it. Even the search is not displaying my site’s home page. I updates my site 2-3 times in a week. Please someone tell me the problem and how to solve it.


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    Even a search for an exact title of your posts comes up short, wow.

    Does Google Webmasters have anything to say about it?

    i do not understand what you says???

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    Have you created an account on Google’s Webmaster Tools and registered your site there?

    When you register and point Google to your sitemap.xml URL you can request them to crawl your site.

    i already requested google for crawling my site more than once… n dont no what to do??

    well you come up fine on Yahoo. (i know not the question)

    yes, there is no problem with yahoo… but google not showing my site.

    very strange, I set up a new site recently and it was listed within a week when you typed in the domain name, have you registered on the other directories ?

    I just done search on alexa and you have 49 sites linking in
    I have found something strange on
    your site listed at 165 position and 204 with different domains ? 204 position 165 position

    Strange, are you sure you don’t/didn’t use “forbidden” seo tricks and your domain is/was free of malware now and in the past?

    The first time I visited your site, it took I think 5 or 6 seconds to load. You might loose potentional visitors by that and perhaps Google too?

    My website went live a couple of days ago. I checked Google 2 days later and my site has already been listed, i think on the same day it went live! Bing and Yahoo have picked it op too.

    I use Google and Bing webmaster tools. And I get visitor from an old domain (same subject) which I’ve forwarded to my new blog.

    try this link by adding ur url to google

    HI ish88an I think your site has copy pasted content and Google do not crawl any site which is copy pasted. Most simplest way to check your site for copy pasting in open this site enter your site address press enter if your site is copy pasted than you can see the results on copyscape.

    Hi All,

    I recently noticed the same problem on one of my website that was showing page rank first in its primary keyword kodungallur and suddenly it disappeared from google search result. I checked the webmaster tool and found nothing wrong. Site has been still indexed 100%. Can anyone advice what I have to do to my website’s previous SERP on Google. Yahoo and Bing still shows the top result for It is highly appreciated for the valuable advices.

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    Hi i am running my website & previously it website was listed in google search result but i saw before few day my website is not listed. I already added my website in webmaster tools with sitemap dost2web sitemap.In webmaster tools 122 url submitted and 1 url indexed .I have checked with yahoo & bing search ,there my website r listed.

    Can anyone help me.



    I have Made My Site over a month ago. I have been getting backlinks and have set up Google sitemap and have register with google and google places. My Site is still not showing. Only when I put in the exact title it come up. My site is the 1st one on yahoo and bing for my category. Please Help.



    Did you use any SEO? It take sometime for google start to feed into your website especially for those new webpage such as mine which only over a month.

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