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  • Resolved riam



    i’ve never used php before although i’ve been learning plenty as i set up wordpress and read through the support forums…

    my sidebar is appearing in the middle of my page on archive pages:

    1) how do i fix this?
    2) which template is being used to generate this template? from reading the codex my guess is the page.php template or might it be main template?

    thanks much for your assistance…

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  • Yngwin


    1) fix your validation errors first
    2) should be archive.php or something like that



    To elaborate a bit since you only have 4 validation errors…
    You’re using <div id="content"> and it needs to be <div class="content"> . An ID can only be used once. Things used multiple times are classes. You also have two <br> tags that need to be self closing <br />. In your Footer, you have an unclosed <p> tag – you need to add </p> at the end of the paragraphy you want to enclose. Also in the footer in the same general region, you need to change &copy; 2005 RIAM, JFT & to &copy; 2005 RIAM, JFT &amp;.

    Fixing the first problem (changing ID to Class) may actually help.

    You also have two errors in your stylesheet that both look like typos:

    In, you need to remove the space in “729 px;” so it is just “729px;”.



    thank you to tomhanna and Yngwin for pointing out the items i need to fix..

    i have taken care of everything you have pointed out, however the side bar is still appearing in the middle of the page *sigh*

    any further thoughts on how i can fix this? i don’t seem to have this problem on any other pages so i suspect it is something with the archive.php template that is buggy…

    i’m going to try and compare the code in archive.php to index.php and similar pages and see if i catch anything that seems off… unfortunately since i’m still not “getting” php like i get CSS and html (i.e. easier to spot my errors when i look at the code) if you find anything i appreciate if you or anyone else reading this could let me know..

    the page again is:




    how weird is this?

    checked all the code in page.php, archives.php and some others and none seem to “call” for the side menu… the usual last lines of most of these pages is a </div> followed by a php call for the footer…

    so i removed the call for the side menu in the archives file and now the menu appears on the side as its suppose to…

    i don’t know why this works, but it does and in examining the php even closer i am sort of starting to get it…
    thanks again for your help…



    Sometimes I have seen that the call for the sidebar is at the top of the footer, so perhaps thats where your is, and if the sidebar was also being called in the archive file, maybe that’s why it was messed up? Dunno, just a thought. Glad it is good now!

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