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  • have you configured it yet?
    admin – Appearance – K2 theme options

    How would I configure it to be centered like it is supposed to? I have installed it for a few different blogs and not had this problem. So confused.

    why not ask at the K2 forum – you might get a quicker better answer

    Thank you! I’m a newb!

    I would like an answer to this as my K2 installation is all smooshed to the left too… the k2 forums seem to be not accepting any new members, and i’ve searched the past 10 pages of the forum, for a clue about this and not found anything, does anybody know the answer?

    Seriously … I want to know what happened too. I wish I’d never upgraded because now it’s all f-ed up and I can’t get it back to where it was. I even reinstalled from my original (pre-upgrade) files but the K2 theme never came back to normal. Everything’s smooshed to the left – dueling sidebars doesn’t work (it puts both of them on the same side) and now my header tiles, even though I made it the exact size it’s supposed to be. It stayed put before the upgrade. Geez … at least if you’re going to change it to a tile-style header, don’t make it lock to the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE rather than the left. That’s just plain stupid. Now I can’t have the header ever look normal.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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