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    Why is my comments closed in all posts – functions alright and is open in all pages…!??

    earlier discussion about this:

    – Have Unactivated almost all my plugs, repaired the database.
    – When I change the theme the comment function is ok – so it might be themerelated…
    – Have compared and checked the comments.php and the functions.php
    (it seems to be ok agains the originals)
    – I have comments on in settings and in posts

    What could possibly be the fault here…?
    What is closing the comments on posts – but not on pages…?

    If there is any idea about the cause – and more importantly – the solution I would be very grateful.
    If there is someone who like to look at the code – we can do that.

    I have theme Forte



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  • p.s.

    I reckon there must be a fault at the comments-code where the comments are closed by the author:
    Kommentarer för ämnet i detta inlägg är avstängt av författaren
    transl:Comments for issue in this post is closed by the author

    Somewhere along this comments-closed code must the error be.

    If there is someone which can check the code the comments.php is in the pastebin below:

    Any tip appreciated…

    Kind Regards


    Same problem, reported here.

    I have a question. Do you happen to be registered with Social Spark 2.0? I’m having the same problem and just realized it is happening ONLY with the two blogs that SS has access to, none of the others.

    Trying to make a connection…

    No where can I find the answer as to WHY the comments got closed. But I did find a ‘fix’ for it. I have this fix in quotes because I used it and it did open up all the previously closed comments.

    That was a couple weeks ago. But I noticed that they are closed again. Anyway, here’s what to do to open them back up. You have to give a SQL command in your database on your server.

    This is it:

    UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = REPLACE (comment_status, 'closed', 'open') WHERE post_status = 'publish' AND post_type = 'post';

    hmfwic, so you’re saying you have the same problem? And after you reversed the comments, they reverted back to closed again?

    Augh. How I wish someone could respond to this!

    Alison, yes. That’s what happened.

    Something just happened since two days ago. I reviewed the settings in the ‘discussion’ area and made sure that people could post a comment with less than two links, with only giving a name and email, registration not necessary.

    I just found a comment held for moderation with only one link in it. So I checked the settings again.

    I found that the option:
    Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment WAS CHECKED.

    I KNOW that option was unchecked. And I KNOW that I didn’t check it.

    Somebody has got to fix this bug.

    Yes, hmfwic, that’s one of the settings that is always reset in mine. Check my original thread about the bug. I have two settings that are always reset in addition to the comments all closing.

    There may be other things that I haven’t noticed.

    This is ridiculous. The settings I unchecked (above) are now checked again. AND, an old post I just looked at had the comments closed.

    Something is changing both the settings and the database fields where comments are concerned.

    I re-ran the SQL command (above) and the old post now has comments open.


    I sincerely share your frustration. This has been happening to me for over a month on TWO blogs. One of them started doing it even though it had not been updated or changed in any way for over a month.

    Very frustrating. Hoping we can find enough others with the problem to warrant having someone look at it.

    I have a similar problem. All my old posts just turned comments off. Then I go to the discussion panel and these options were checked when I have never had it checked:

    “Users must be registered and logged in to comment “
    “An administrator must always approve the comment ”

    If I look at my posts, the “allow comments” option is not checked. So I guess I have to go through all of them and recheck that option? I never deselected it.

    And why does this just happen out of the blue????

    The blog in question is:

    Okay I’m wondering if this could be related to the host? Anyone with this issue have I-power for your host?

    Another thread said this was resolved but I’m not sure it really is. I’ll see if something with the plugins caused it but I’m not hopeful.

    rjhayton, in my case, at least, it has nothing to do with plugins OR theme. As I’ve posted, I deactivated EVERY plugin, changed to a default theme, and went through the steps of repairing the database (even though there was nothing to repair) and it STILL happened.

    Very frustrating.

    BTW, my host for these two blogs is FatCow.

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