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  • my guess is that the say it button is linked to wp-comments not wp-comments pop up like it should
    how and where would i make this change?//

    any one help ????

    What city says (I guess:) is that after commenting and clicking the “Say it” button, the popup window refreshes to show the newly posted comment, but after refreshing it the whole entry/post is there in the popup, and because the width of the comments part is a percentage of the “normal” width, the comments seem to be “shrinked”.
    Actually someone else was also complaining about having the whole entry in the popup window after posting a comment. Is this a default thing or just a weird stuff for some users? (I don’t know, never used popup… annoys me 🙂

    Update. cityrich, did you modify your popup window code? Because on other blogs even after posting a comment the original entry wouldn’t show up.

    i only edited the index.php part with the // in front of the pop up comments page and moshu explains my problem better.

    Backup your wp-comments-popup file and start again with a fresh one. I think I tested it by adding a comment earlier and the result was not what I have experienced/expected.

    the wp-comments popup is totaly fresh – the footer is what has been edited in the wpcomments popup
    good to hear from you again beel how things been.

    hey beel while i have your attention i realy was looking for you but i didnt want to go sending you emails for help do you think this is a wordpress engine?

    Looks like MT to me. Back to your issue, at the bottom of wp-comments-post do you have this:
    $location = get_permalink($comment_post_ID);

    Moderator James Huff


    Yeah, it’s an MT blog. Hence the comments link to mt-comments.cgi ^_-

    yeah i have this comment header(‘Pragma: no-cache’);
    $location = get_permalink($comment_post_ID);
    beel it has nothing to do with me the comments-popup.php file ???

    Does the problem persist with the original files? (index.php, comment files, etc)

    ok i have a totally fresh install of wp .
    now when you click comments a 500,500 window pops open
    without the menu,
    heres the problem again when you post a comment on that wp-commentspopup window it refreshes to what i believe is wp-comments with the menu. i dont want menu there i want it like when you first click comments just comments show up no menu.
    i am a idiot when it comes down to this stuff.

    Dude, is it the problem your server? I mean, if everything is default installation, other than corrupted files, what could it be?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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