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    As soon as I activated this plugin I got this in the console:

    Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

    Sure enough, security certificate for this URL uses Perfect Audience domain, but I do not have any plugins related to Perfect Audience.

    Once the plugin is deactivated the error went away.

    Could someone shed any light?

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  • Hi, cbquest
    Do you know what resource it’s trying to load?
    I grepped the source for all our plugins for “marinsm” and that string does not appear.
    I’m wondering if it might be a CDN thing.

    I just checked a few of our sites running ScollDepth in different configurations, and I’m not seeing any errors like that.

    On the suspicion it might be a PHP name-space issue, I reviewed the code for possible conflicts.
    There is only one global variable, and all the functions have a wp_scroll_depth_ prefix.
    So we should be OK on name collisions.

    • Are you running a third-party theme?
    • Is there a link where we could see the issue?
    • Do you have a list of other plugins you are running?


    Looks like is a tracker script from
    Their page has your error. As well as multiple Facebook pixels. 🙂

    MARINSM.COM does not have valid certificate. So that would be the ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE when fetching from secure page.

    So now I’m really puzzled and want to get to the bottom of this.
    The ScrollDepth jQuery plugin is included in the WordPress plugin, so there’s no external links there that could have an incorrect protocol (ssl/non).
    In fact, the only external links are in the documentation and instructions.

    That’s everything I can think of. If you could provide more information or a links, I’d be glad to look further.

    I know, I did the same, this doesn’t make sense.
    But I located a javascript tag on the site that might fire marinsm/prfct domains. However I am not sure why it is conflicting with this plugin. Maybe a coincidence. I need to test more.

    Plugin Contributor lonkoenig


    Let’s try posting from the other account…
    Ug.My reply disappeared.

    Quick recap:

    • Tested on multiple configurations here – no similar errors
    • Did code review to look for PHP namespace conflicts. Only one global variable and all functions have a prefix
    • Looked for any external URL references. Only external references are in documentation and instructions
    • Nothing in ScrollDepth changes server protocol (ssl/non)
    • appears to be a tracker script from
      Their site has the same error
    • does not have a valid cert. That’s why you get the ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE when trying to load that script from a secure page

    So stumped.
    Do you have URL where we could see this in action?


    I apologize, this was purely a coincidence.
    Another javascript was causing conflict and showing this error in the console only when this plugin was active. After some more testing finally I was able to see the error when the plugin is not active. Thank you for checking, and sorry for causing trouble.

    Plugin Contributor lonkoenig


    No problem.
    Good luck with your troubleshooting.

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