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Why is hosted Mystique different from WP.com?

  • I love WP and I love Mystique. Decided do get host (Bluehost) so I could participate in commerce. When choosing and downloading a theme I notice that it’s not quite the same. I have been able to work around most of the differences. The issue at hand is Social Icons. On my WP.com version I simply go to the THEME OPTIONS and select YouTube (for example), fill in a URL code from the video, and presto the social icon is peeking out from my menu bar. Love it. But on the version I’m running in Bluehost the THEME OPTIONS page does not give me those boxes. Why would it be different? If it ain’t broke…
    Please help!

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  • Michael


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    the themes in wordpress.com are (heavily) modified to overcome the restrictions of the wordpress.com blog, such as the inability to add plugins, and to edit the template codes. therefore, themes at wordpress.com have (generally) way more options and settings.

    if you use a free themes with the same name in the Free Themes Directory, you have the possibility to add the functionalities by using plugins, and by editing the template code.

    Upload a picture of youtube via FTP, then use this html for a sidebar widget? (you’ll need to replace the urls, you can change alt and title if you want.)

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/yourvideo"><img src="http://yoursite/picture" alt="video" title="video" /></a>

    or embed the video with youtube’s embed code?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see if I can figure it out. And, by the way, the default theme in my BlueHost WP theme has the RSS and Twitter logos in place above the menu bar. I just want to change them out. Don’t need Twitter. Do need YouTube.

    In the header?

    Go into into theme editor, heading.php, track down the link (find the url you get when clicking on it?) and just change the link to where you want it to go? then find img src= and replace it with the image you want (preferably the same size)

    Thanks. Will try that too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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