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  • Just someone please explain to me why every time I hit return it has to be a new block that I then have to redo all the setting for? What benefit does that give, particularly in a world where we are supposed to be writing short, snappy paragraphs?

    Kill Gutenberg with fire.

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  • Seriously, I hate working with it so much that I’m procrastinating from writing a blog post to read messages about how terrible it is. It’s killed my will to blog.

    What is the problem about every paragraph is a block?

    Good writing and enjoyable writing is about long thoughts, stretching out and then revising. Try. To. Read. Everything. Like. This. Not. Very. Enjoyable. Or. Easy. To Edit.

    Sounds like you aren’t alone 😉

    Indeed, I write my first paragraphe, and duplicate it several time. A way to don’t redo the setting each time …

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    You can always use a [Soft Return]( if you don’t want to have a Paragraph block created every time you want to start a new line when writing.



    @soean As I said, I have to redo the settings every time I press enter. And not a single person has yet to explain why they made this change. Usually, changes are made to solve problems. So what was wrong with the way it was before?

    @ajd Exactly. I write and then press enter, so I have to stop and reset the settings. Then write and press enter. And then reset the settings. And then if I want to put in a list, I have to create a list block, and then if I want an image, I have to create an image block. I doubt very much the great writers will start composing on Gutenberg because it lends itself to great writing.



    @gziolo Thanks! I find I do a lot of soft-returns now, which does work okay.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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