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  • missy_yf


    why is “comments off” aint being displayed when i selected “comments off” option when i am writing?? instead it will still reflect as “no comments” on my blog entry and its only when somebody wanna comment and clicked “no comments”, then it will show “comments are not allowed” when someone is trying to post comments??

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    You will need to set a value for the last parameter of the comments_popup_link template tag in your theme’s “Main” or “Index” template. More info:



    because … there is the amount of comments displayed, so ‘no comments’ isn’t exactly wrong 😉

    No, you can close comments after there are already some for the post. So in that case, the information ‘comments off’ will be as fuzzy as ‘no comments’ when they are switched off.

    In other words: The link displayed in your frontpage, archives, … is the link to the written comments for the reader to read them, it is not meant to be the link for commenting a post.

    At least, that’s what I understand 😉

    P.S.: Sorry, didn’t know that option …



    i have ALREADY look thru that help link and its NOT working! thats why i am so fraustrated!

    AND the comments are set OFF before the post is published, nobody is allow to comment! i never close any comments for my posts that are allowed for comments!



    There is no need to shout, especially when people are trying to help. Remember that this is a volunteer forum; please try to be polite and civil.

    Now that’s out of the way, can you provide the relevent block of code in your index.php file in which the call to comments_popup_link is made?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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