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  • 3.1.31 is 2.1 MB. 3.1.32 is 15.1 MB zipped. The changelog doesn’t seem to account for this unless I’m missing something? ~700 files vs 13k+

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  • Extracted
    14144 items, totalling 34.6 MiB (36,295,318 bytes)


    First of all – thanks for your great plugin and all your work.

    Since update 3.1.28, we also have a problem due to its size. Our AppEngine has a 10k file limit, so we even can’t update the plugin due to its size since V 3.1.28 (> 13 files), but it would be important since the update contains security-related fixes. Unfortunately, we can’t change the limit on our AppEngine. Therefore, I need some information, so we can decide if we have to use another plugin in future or stay with this one, what is our preferred option since it is a great plugin:

    1. Will future updates always remain as large as the last one or is it possible to make in general smaller updates in future? It’s important to know because we can have problems like yet any time a plugin update is coming.
    2. Is there a solution for the size of this update in sight, e. g. a split in two smaller updates or anything else, so we can update the plugin soon?

    Thank you very much for your response upfront and all the best,
    Frank from Berlin, Germany



    Hey everyone,

    We just pushed out 3.1.33 today. It should address a lot of the issues that have been going on. The plugin was extremely bloated (Google API package changes) and for some users causing issues installing. We have trimmed things down a lot. You will need to make sure you are running PHP 7.3+ now as well.

    Thanks for your patience while we worked through this!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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