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    I love ai1wpm! it’s an amazing plugin that makes migration a peace of cake.
    that’s why I was really upset to find out that you have updated the file import so that it will reflect the limits imposed on the server using wp_max_upload_size().
    why?! this is a downgrade and a bad service!
    I did use the plugin you mention to fix this, but it’s not good practice, in my opinion.
    You don’t have to offer a free plugin and it’s wonderful that you are doing that, but making the plugin bad will not make the sales of the pro one better, as it will seem like the plugin is defected.
    I don’t know what was the motive for this change, and maybe there is another technical reason to do so. But if money is the motive, I suggest you add a little “donate” button. I know I will use it! 🙂
    many thanks!

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  • I’m confused by this too. The free version seems very limited now and does not encourage me to buy the pro version. I was about to buy the pro version then read some bad reviews regarding the upload limitation so I’m not sure now.

    My impression now is that you don’t need the pro plugin at all if you can update your wp-config file or one of the other options you list on your site.

    I recommend you update your page if you want to increase sales. Your page doesn’t even mention the Pro version. Surely you need a list of features for the free version and a list for the Pro version.

    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    The uploader of the previous version had a limitation of 512MB which is not allowed in the WP Plugin repo – we moved it into a separate extension.
    The new version is using wp_max_upload_size() and can upload files of any size when you follow the article on the import page. The restore a backup feature is being reworked, we requested a lot of new features for it here: and want to improve it.
    I like the concept of donations but it really does not work and I do not recommend it.

    If I understand you correctly, you treat the pro version of plugins as a donation? We want the different extensions that we offer to extend the functionality of the plugin. Also, your impression that you do not need a pro plugin is correct. You can use the plugin as is without having to buy anything.
    We do not have a pro version – we have different extensions. They are listed in the plugin and in the page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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