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  • Hi, i just installed the wp theme “freshandclean”, although it is an awesome theme, but my featured pictures of posts or pages are not appearing instead a blank image space is displaying! please guide me because i like this theme!


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  • hi would anyone help me regarding this…??

    It would help if you supplied a link to your site, plus information like PHP version, webserver (probably Apache, but might not be), and WordPress version. You can find some of this out by sticking the following in your header.php file, right after the <body> tag. It will make your site look ugly as sin for a moment, but this is useful info to have when asking for advice.

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Your WP version should be displayed in the Dashboard.

    I downloaded the theme and installed it on a test site running Apache/PHP 5.2.14/WP3.0.1. With WP_DEBUG set to true (wp-config.php line 81 in WP 3.0.1), I get a very large number of deprecation warnings about using get_settings() and referencing non-existent array elements. This may not have anything to do with your problem, but it’s a bit of a red flag because get_settings() has been deprecated since WP 2.1, which was released 1/22/2007.

    site URL
    Server: Apache
    WP Version: latest

    i have added the featured images but they are not appearing on the site, just blank image space as you can see…….

    Using Firefox I right-clicked and went to “View Page Info”. (You can also use the menu at the top: Tools -> Page Info.) Clicking on the Media tab I see that only your favicon.ico had a valid URL. The rest are something like this:

    which produces a 404 (not found) error.

    When I messed around a bit and found that editing the URL fixed the problem. Remove the, they will worke. I.e. change the above to:

    I’m not familiar with this particular theme so I don’t know if it was something you typed in or if it was the theme that generated the bad URL.

    hi, thanks,
    i didn’t typed any html, it was all the theme’s work, the theme generated the codes, did it generate wrong codes,
    do i have to change it from theme panel..??

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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