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  • I am somewhat a developer and I have noticed that anytime a new plugin comes out and is listed above your plugin on the BuddyPress plugins page you intentionally modify your readme.txt file in your SVN without making any significant changes in an effort to have the top spot on the BuddyPress plugins page. This unscrupulous practice makes me shy away from ever using this plugin. If your not adding any significant changes to functions or functionality in the php files please stop doing this because it is unprofessional and rather annoying! The top spot is for new version releases of a plugin with significant changes, it is not there to reflect on how many downloads you have so please stop it! I see your at version 2.5.2 and back to tagging this as a BuddyPress plugin when it does not have any BuddyPress specific functions so I will ask in courtesy to please remove the buddypress tag from your readme.txt in the repository. If you add BuddyPress specific functions in the future then by all means tag it buddypress but for the sake of confusion for now please kindly remove the tag. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the feedback. We are preparing updates for the plugin and will update it soon with lots of changes.
    Have a good weekend!

    I have politely asked you to refrain from “Bumping” your plugin to the top of the BuddyPress plugins page by making insignificant changes to your readme.txt so how many more times does one have to ask. Your download numbers mean absolutely zero simply because people mistakenly re-download the same file that has not been updated because they fail to read the version number. This is the last time I will “request” that you stop “bumping” your plugin. When you actually have a real update then fine, but right now you are on thin ice and if you continue on this path I will request it to be removed from the repo based on ethics and bad practices. Really you need to stop this immediately before the next step is taken. If you feel you have a great plugin then let the plugin speak for itself. As stated before the top spot is for plugins with legitimate updates not for someone crying for attention by manipulation of the plugins readme.txt file! I hope I have made it crystal clear this time.

    It’s totally clear for us.
    We love our users and sorry for this time gap with lack of updates.
    We had a small “lull” because of tech issues and ready to show new things again.
    We’ll put it down with minor updates and will show significant changes then.
    Thanks for the feedback again!

    Apologies are not necessary. Actions at this point is what counts. Don’t update the readme.txt until you have an update and then you will get the top spot briefly the way it should be. I have stated to you before that the top spot is for new plugins or plugins with legitimate updates. How would you feel if all the other developers used your practices? Think about it because it is really not worth that kind of effort. Let your plugin speak for itself and leave your readme.txt alone until you have a legitimate update. Thank you!

    Yeah I’ve noticed the same thing with this plugin. I recollect seeing updates multiple times in the same few hours and thought ‘if they have that many issues, I’m not going touch this plugin’. Now I see they’re doing unethical stuff which is more a reason to steer clear.

    Thank you for feedback guys, working on updates and will show it soon.

    Yet another useless point release a few seconds ago.
    No way ill touch your plugin if these are your ethics.

    Your choice, Martin.
    We updated our plugin code just a few hours ago and will update it soon again with real code.
    As I said we will get back our normal update circle soon.
    Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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