• I just spent the past six months trying to create a new website using BuddyBoss, and have given up. I had high hopes for BuddyBoss, but the product doesn’t live up to the hype. The one claim they make that they live up to is support, which is good.

    If you want to build a site that’s a straightforward clone of Facebook, with no unique functions or features, BuddyBoss might work well for you.

    But if your members need functions beyond ordinary social media, you’re probably better off with a plugin like Youzify that allows you to add these social media features to a regular WordPress site that allows you to do anything.

    Here are just a few of the major problems we encountered:
    1) They have a “BuddyBoss Integrations” webpage with a long list of plugins that supposedly are compatible with BuddyBoss, but I think they just mean your computer won’t blow up if you combine them. For instance, Elementor is on that list, which was a major plus since we use it heavily. But it turns out that none of the core BuddyBoss pages (like Groups, Forums, Members, etc.) are editable in Elementor: you can only create new pages in Elementor using their Sample page.

    2) Don’t believe their claim of requiring fewer plugins: you’ll need tons of them. It’s true that you don’t need BuddyPress, but that’s about it for cutting down on plugins.

    3) Many of our support requests got the reply that we would need to hire a professional developer to get what we want. Sometimes it seemed like sending business to developers was the reason they created BuddyBoss.

    4) The turning point came when we realized that we were spending half our development time trying to work around BuddyBoss limitations. We bought it to make our lives easier, not harder.

    We were far beyond the 14-day money back guarantee. But, since we never used BuddyBoss for even one minute on a live site, I was hoping for at least a partial refund, since it turned out to be useless to us. (There’s no way you can really discover that in just 14 days.) No such luck: $228 and six months of work wasted.

    I worry about the future of the BuddyBoss company. They regularly have lifetime license offers that they push really hard. They are sacrificing future revenues for a cash infusion now, which makes me wonder whether they have staffed-up too fast and created too much overhead.

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  • Plugin Author Mathieu Viet


    Hi @restorm,

    Thanks a lot for your review, for sharing your experience, and welcome back to BuddyPress, we’re really happy to satisfy your needs with the help of the Yousify plugin. I’ve been hearing about Yousify at various occasions but haven’t been able to test it yet. I’ll do it soon!


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    Hi, Mathieu. I was new to Youzify when I wrote that. I’ve now been using it for several months, and I’m even more happy with it. The support is excellent, and they have many optional add-ons available that enable me to accomplish some useful, otherwise-impossible things with BuddyPress. My only complaint with it is that I have to deal with Envato, which I normally avoid like the plague. But Youzify is worth that hassle.

    Hi, @restorm,
    thank you very much for your helpful contribution to Buddyboss. I will definitely test Buddypress/Youzify.
    Alternatively, I’m testing PeepSo at the moment and am very excited about the modern features.
    The danger is always, what if you have built a large community and the provider no longer exists?
    Buddypress looks outdated, but it also looks robust and stable. Everything else can also improve with plugins / CSS.

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    Hi, Alamea. Yes, BuddyPress itself is outdated, but Youzify makes up for that to a large degree. Good luck!

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