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    Hi, I only recently came to use wordpress so it’s a total mystery to me. Could anyone please explain how it works as I spent days on reading through the codex, random forums, blogs etc and I can’t get my head around it.

    For instance I’m using a blank theme. I created a page home.php with all the content I want on and a home page within wordpress when I’ve made the navigation menu. I assumed that wordpress will automatically grab the content from home.php for the home page on click on home button. But no, as now I get two different home pages. One has the layout from home.php, which is the one I want, and when I click on the home button I get an empty page with the template design and no information and design for the content on it – this page has a different permalink with a page ID.

    I want as front page/landing page, design and content wise my home.php page, so when I click on the home button to be sent to the very same home.php page. Here is where all featured posts should show up.

    I know I’m doing something wrong but is because I don’t understand how all works.

    I’m using 3.3.1 and in Settings->Reading-> for Front page displays is ticked the Your latest posts option, if it helps. Please ask and I will rephrase it, if the explaining is too confusing.

    I would very much appreciate if anyone could bring some light into this.


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  • Create a page in pages > add new

    go to settings > reading and select that page you just created to display as the homepage instead of the latest posts.

    the latest post setting means your homepage ( )
    will display a list of your latest posts which you made from the post section.

    You’ll get used to it just add a load of pages and posts and categories and you’ll soon see how it works.


    The templates home.php is the frontpage for all your posts. The template front-page.php is the frontpage of your complete site.

    By default, all you posts are displayed on the homepage of your site. This means home.php is used. When you want to display a page as your homepage, you can decide to use a static homepage.

    In order to create your homepage, you need all the code from home.php in front-page.php.



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    Dekete home.php and see creating a static front page.

    Thanks a lot guys I tested all the versions and used a bit of everyone’s input.

    I wanted the home page to be the landing page and be activated on click on the home button and have the latest posts on.

    What I did was to change the Settings->Reading-> Front page displays to A static page and put my home page as Front page and left the Post page empty. I made the home.php a template page and assigned it to the home page in wordpress as template. Now I got all the way I wanted it to be.

    At the beginning I did what jimmyman said but my whole home page design got replaced by the page.php so did more reading into what esmi recommended. Vndg I moved the code from the home page to the front-page.php and deleted the home.php but something went wrong as my whole design went back to the page.php so I gave up the idea. However reading the article about “creating a static front page” brought some light into the problem. Hope by keeping the home.php page will not cause a conflict in the feature.

    Thanks again.

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