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  • The *illusion of exclusivity* can only last so long. Very neat piece of marketting though. And a very clever post by MaxT 😉

    It’s not the illusion of exclusivity that makes me not want to go within a hundred miles of a gmail account – it’s that they are pre-reading my email and targeting advertisements based on what they see. It’s a dangerous precedent.
    Google’s Gmail – Spook Heaven?
    Google email is evil – Privacy Advocates
    Add the fact that they keep your emails even after you delete them and it’s something that I want nothing to do with – either using an account myself or even emailing someone who has one. No thanks.

    MaxT, thankx for sharing this. This is pretty major in my opinion.

    Thanks for the comments, Root 🙂 And rest of you. Glad to see many people have same opinion as me 🙂

    Old and deleted e-mail has no value to Google. They want to display ads next to e-mails that is current and being read. What they are actually saying is that they cannot guarantee that you e-mail will be totally irreversibly immidiately deleted, because that is a very difficult thing to do. Think, even if you delete a file on your HD – you haven’t actually deleted it … the 0s and 1s are still on your HD until they are overwritten and can be easily retrieved in the mean time.
    Further more, Hotmail/Y!/your ISP etc. scan your every e-mail … to see whether it’s spam or not. Spam filters look for keywords, like viagra etc. thats why spammers spell is as v1agra now, so it can get past stupid spam filters.

    finally someone with some senses…

    The reason I hate gMail is that it has been down for 3 days! I can’t be without my email for that long! It’s because these corporations depend on Akamai to do everything for them, and when it goes down, several huge websites go down with Akamai too.

    working here mate. though some other friends have had problems today… its still preview so u cant really blame them at the moment.

    No one is “pre-reading” your e-mail no more than google “pre-reads” your search results. It’s all done by machine on the fly. All these people that freak at the thought of google ads in their e-mail, obviously think that the people at google really give a **** about what their typing.

    ya, your right. when i got my gmail i immediatly changed all my community profiles to send emails to my gmail, my website also to my gmail, the only thing i haven’t changed is my email in my wordpress support profile

    i am using gmail for email chatting 🙂 conversations taken literally.
    for forums and blogs, i prefer fastmail. atleast i dont have to keep a browser window open for webmail…

    Gmail is working fine here. I did experience some downtime when Akamai went down … but that’s hardly Google’s fault and it was down only for a few hours. Plus, everyone should keep in mind that Gmail is still B-E-T-A … when 1.2 was in beta how many people were here complaining about things not working? I’ve had similar if not higher number of outages when using Hotmail/Y! … in fact when I went to check out the new and improved Y! (I have an a/c that I use exclusively for Y! messenger) it was completely screwed up. And the ads were still huge, animated and/or flash based. Further more, advertised services only available in the US, despite that fact that my profile states that I live in the mountains of Afghanistan.
    It used to be fashionable to talk about getting a Gmail account, now the trend reversed and it is increasingly popular to b*tch about it and say that there are other 1Gb e-mail services out there (SpyMac, AventureMail (2Gb) etc.) … Have you tried those services? I suggest you sign up for SpyMac and try to use it … downtime, slow, bloated etc. 1Gb is really NOT what Gmail is actually about.
    Since obtaining an account I consolidated all of my trivial e-mail on Gmail and even imported my back archives, so that I have a searchable database at hand anywhere with internet access. That already proved very useful. Business related e-mail is PGP encrypted and for really private stuff I use temporary totally anonymous accounts at Hushmail.
    Hate it or love it, but Google stirred up the stagnating webmail market and forced some players to get of their ass. Somehow I doubt that Y! users would be enjoying their 100Mb mailboxes if it weren’t for Gmail (again they rushed this ‘upgrade’ and that showed). Hopefully, Hotmail and other services will follow suit.
    A short collection of thoughs about Gmail’s features and what makes it different from other services without mentioning 1Gb even once.
    Also, I am running a quick contest for anyone who does not have an account and would like one.

    if u wanna check speed, gives pretty darn good speeds 🙂
    and its indian :p

    Rediff has been around for a while, but have horrible uptime stats and quite a few people block the domain because a little too much spam originates from there (this may have changed; I don’t know). Ah, I see they finally got a ToS … again 1Gb is not the holy grail.

    yeah i have heard abt blocking… 🙂
    i am just gonna use them for spam mails 😀

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