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    I don’t see any new features of 2.0 attract me, on the contrary, I thought the rich-text tool will be a good upgrade but found it very annoying. I coundn’t find how to use “quote” with one click, instead, I need to use ALT+q to enable it and after that the text is coming out from the quote table. I couldn’t see the raw codes of my posts and I cannot even change the font and color using the new rich-text tool. Would anyone help me?
    Maybe it just needs time to be discovered but I found quite easy and unique of the 1.5 version but disappointed with the 2.0 one.
    Thank you for your work though, but this is just my opinion.

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  • You can turn of the WYSIWYG under Users > Your Profile.

    I’m seeing problems with the WYSIWYG editor and multiple-level ordered & unordered lists.

    If I want this:

    * first item
    * indented item
    * second item

    I get this:
    <ul><li>first item</li>
    <ul><li>indented item</li>
    <ul><li>second item</li>

    Similar problem with ordered lists.

    Just re-read the release announcement:

    “and while it’s not perfect yet (for instance nested lists can cause trouble) for 95% of what you do post-to-post the WYSIWYG should save you time.”

    guess it is already known!

    It has taken me a bit to get used to tinyMCE, but I’m getting there. My main gripe is that it does not have a spell checker. 1.5.x didn’t either, but I could use the firefox googlebar spell checker to check my posts, but this does not work with 2.0

    I have seen some hacks on this talked about on this forum, but I generally stay away from customizing WP code much. I look forward to a solution that is part of the regular distro.

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