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    shouldn’t simple thing like this be part of the CMS by now?

    sorry if reference isn’t the best, but please, do not give me the, “oh there’s a plugin for that” the WP admin and structure is over bloated by the need for plugins that give WP the basic structure it should already have.

    I’m actually using the WP customizer to extend functions and hosting a custom built theme to auto update across my clients websites with auto updates, and resolving hundreds of issues that WP creates with bad frameworks and code structure,
    but its all just way too much fixing to even manage a business using it… there are other CMS’s out there that have overcome these simple issues WP has. It will save time and money to pay for a CMS that is solid.

    Dont get me wrong but my fingers typing in a forum that constantly bands topics is not fast enough to keep up with all of the major problems this CMS has. its GUI is the first problem. I could post 100 responses in this thread pointing out problems with WP, but i don’t see it making a difference.

    again, sorry if you think this post is negative, but its supposed to be to encourage better development techniques.

    the SQL table structure and the way WP manages links and most of all IMAGES is just frustrating. What the heck happened, IMAGES of all things seems to be a complete obstacle for WP to manage…. Should i have to install and uninstall 100 plugins a day just to be able to manage images in WP? Why in the heck would you hard crop images at all, or even create multiple versions of them? Dynamic Image resampling and caching should take care of everything.

    I really just dont know where to start…. WP fails in many many ways…
    the problems are soo immense i can’t even fathom where to begin,,, should I open my own forum and NOT USE BUDDY PRESS TO PROVE MY POINT ABOUT WORDPRESS’S FAILURES?

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