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  • In 1.5.2:
    “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” is an Option

    In 2.0:
    This option does not exist.

    Why ?

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  • vkaryl


    Good question….

    I’ve created a ticket at Trac.

    Is it On or Off ?
    I’ll assume it’s On.

    If I want to make a post that I know will use invalid xhtml, WP will correct that. This removes my control over my words on my domain. It could also lead to a display not looking how I want it to.

    If I have always has this off because validity doesn’t bother me, then switching it back on is – I think – going to break all my posts because when WP sees some invalid code it will correct it.

    This has to stay an option – why would this have to be left to a plugin or some SQL query ?

    Well, it’s not just incorrect xhtml that it “fixes.” I noticed it because I have nested span tags, which I’m pretty sure are valid xhtml, but WP wants to change
    <span class="overall"><span class="one"> stuff </span><span class="two"> more stuff </span></span>


    <span class="overall"></span><span class="one"> stuff </span><span class="two"> more stuff </span>

    Les Bessant


    I’d missed that. I’d want it off, same as I wouldn’t use the rich text thing (even if it didn’t make my Quicktags go away).

    Looking over the Options table, I don’t see any other default options that can’t be set with a default setup. Maybe I’m just not seeing them . . .



    Alex Mills


    It doesn’t like nested blockquotes either. Had to hack around it in my quote comment plugin.

    Ringmaster – thanks 🙂



    well, I want to stick to Strayhorn until there is a better vesion of v2 released

    Nick Momrik


    Matt told me long ago that the XHTML fixing didn’t work very well to begin with. I’m guessing they turned it off for that reason and removed access to the option. You can always go into options.php and turn it back on.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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