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    What’s wrong with Falcon cache engine and you want it removed in future versions? I have enabled it in almost all of my websites.

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  • I’m also curious why Falcon is getting removed. I use it on almost all of my sites and find that it’s the lightest caching solution with best results overall. While I’m sure there’s a reason for it, I’m definitely going to be sad to see it go.

    Same here, I have it in all of my sites and it really speeds up the sites.
    Even compared it to some paid alternatives and Falcon Engine was the best performance.

    I am in shock!!

    Seems like a sudden removal.. No explanation either. I’m sure it is for a good cause. I only enabled it a couple of weeks ago though!!

    Yes very sudden and no explanation so far why. It is a free feature, so I suppose there is nothing we can do about, but I would really like to know why, and more so:

    Will/is the Falcon Engine be available as a seperate caching plugin?

    Yes I’ve had basic on one site and falcon on another for years now and no explanation as to why. I suppose being free they are getting to the point where they wanna cash in on it and make it premium only feature. I guess we are pigeon holed into it, what a disappointment.

    I don’t mind them making it a paid feature. I already pay for WordFence for almost all of my sites. If that’s what needs to happen, then that’s fine. This seems to be suggesting that the feature is getting removed completely, though, even for paid users.

    It’s hard to say, but if that IS the case, are they removing all caching features cause it says basic is to go as well? You’d think they would put out a thread on it.

    Sad to hear that. I had Falcon Engine on ALL my websites since it was released on April 6, 2014. It works like a charm.

    I must say I am completely shocked at this! What on earth could be the decision behind this? I have Wordfence installed on multiple sites and find the Falcon engine to be the best and lightest caching solution there is. I am extremely dismayed at this turn of events and must know what the reasoning behind this decision. Please do share with all your fans.

    I guess in the mean time I will not be upgrading my Wordfence installation beyond the current version as a stop gap.

    Maybe we are all being punk’d

    Yeah, same question!



    Funny, when Falcon was introduced there was a debate about whether it should be part of the WordFence plugin. Some users wanted it to be a seperate plugin, and not part of WordFence.

    Maybe that is what is happening now. I would be all for that. It really is a function that should be seperate.

    Let’s see what happens. I guess more news is on its way…

    I too use it on lots of my websites and find it is fast, doesn’t slow the site down so am very sad to get these emails today. Hope we can find out more information from Wordfence and crossing fingers that we will still be able to access this in some way (separate plugin, paid component etc).

    If that’s the case, then they should have made a public post about it before pushing the WordFence update that shows the warning box. As it stands, I’m now researching and will be installing a third-party caching solution and do not plan on changing over after I’ve installed a replacement. If they’re separating this product out, they should let us know so that we can plan ahead and implement their new plugin instead of making everyone freak and scatter to find another solution. Once I find something that seems to work, I’m sticking with that and they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not giving us a heads up.

    +1 on what all the orthers said…

    WordFence caching was my go to caching solution for most of my sites, especially for the easy configuration (on/off) and the rock solid stability (newer had ANY issues at all)…

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