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  • I read a lot about duplicate titles appearing. I thought perhaps it was Yaost SEO plugin. I find the plugin is working but when I do a google search using the search box on my site my sitename repeats or is duplicated twice with no space between i.e. title “Acupuncture and Infertility | Nature’s HealingNature’s Healing” – Nature’s Healing occurs twice.

    You can view google search to see duplicate sitename here

    view page here – check out source code for title tag – <title>Acupuncture and Infertility | Nature's Healing</title>. I have this set in yaost to force rewrite – template set to pagename | sitename.

    As a second question – does anyone know if the apostrophy coded ' in the Nature’s portion of the sitename is a problem for SEO? Maybe I should just write Natures without being gramatically correct – perhaps people searching would never add the apostrophy when searching to being with? any thoughts?

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  • Michael


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    these are questions for a google forum –
    for instance, those search results were cached by google two weeks ago.

    How do you know the results have been cached 2 weeks ago?

    I’ve been trying to fix this and was confused that the source code showed a different title than google search. I guess then the title is working properly and it’s just a matter of google finding the new post versions.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    What did the guys in Google forums say about this?

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