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    I had a disagreement, then I responded to it, i was warned, then other volunteers keep jumping it, flaming it up, I kept saying in every post, let it be, get over it already, no one cared about my side of the story, now all my posts are being closed instantly, i request the email to the administration of this forum, I get blocked from asking for that, is there anything I can do to stand up for my rights, cause I feel that volunteers have every right to do what they wish and the hell with the members, cause we are the only people that make these boards what they are, without members you wouldn’t be a good forum, and this is how i have been treated.

    Now I ask here, if someone can give me the administration email to contact the owners of this forum as I have the right to speak on my behalf for how I feel I have been treated. You guys get your way, why do the members always lose out.

    Is it too hard for you to look past this bull and just give me the email that i have asked for 3 times?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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