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  • abseedy


    I help manage the content of two sites, one for a while and one is new to me.

    The old website has a block editor and when i’m creating a ‘new page’, it looks like this;

    Editor with blocks

    The website I have started helping with recently does not have a block editor. When I click ‘new page’ it looks like this;

    New website editor – no blocks

    Apologies if I’m being an idiot but what is going on here? I have downloaded atomic blocks on the new website but It still doesn’t work. The website is fully up to date with wordpress 5.5.

    Is it to do with the theme? The theme is called Make Child. The theme of my old website is custom.

    How can I fix this and make the block editor available on the new website?

    Thank you

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  • Hi @abseedy

    It appears the problem is the Make Builder plugin that you are using. Just deactivate the plugin and let us know whether it solves the problem.

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    Thanks for helping!

    So the Make Builder is not a plugin it seems. I don’t have any plugins installed that are Make or anything to do with a page builder. So i’m unable to deactivate this I think

    Does that mean it’s something to do with the theme (Make Child)?

    When I do go into the plugin screen I have this popup.

    plugin screen

    I don’t know if that offers any insight or not..?

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    Neither of those images shows what basic WordPress block editing looks like. That “Add SiteOrigin Block” and the “Sidebar Layout” are not part of WordPress. Neither is the “Page Builder” thing.

    You have a lot of add-ons here. They are not WordPress. You have plugins, or themes, or something else. Try turning all that stuff off and using the default WordPress things to really understand what is going on first, before adding all these non-WordPress add-ons which change things up.

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    I have come in midway into helping to manage the content of both of these websites so I haven’t set any of this up and am not fully aware of what has been added in the past.

    Website one is fully functional, Has been designed by a developer and everything works

    Website two has issues.

    When I have done my own research, gutenberg style block editors should be a part of all websites since 2019. However, that is not the case with website 2, which has this other ‘Make editor’ instead. So I am guessing this is part of the theme (since there is no plugin with this name and nothing to remove or deactivate)? What happens if I change the theme or deactivate the theme? Does it delete half the website content?

    I’m very basic in terms of the website functionality it’self. which is why i’m seeking support

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    Hi @abseedy

    Backup your website, so that in case you loose anything, you can always restore from your backup.

    After backup, deactivate your theme and use the default WordPress theme to find out if your theme is the problem.



    Have you tried installing the following plugin in your website two?

    See if this helps.

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