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  • I recently started using the gallery feature in WordPress and now I noticed that when people comment on my photos those comments don’t show up in the RSS feed for comments (where comments on regular blog posts show up). These comments also don’t appear in the “Recent Comments” section on the dashboard.

    I think this is a bit strange – wouldn’t it make sense to treat comments on photos as regular comments (on blog posts)?

    Is there a workaround that I can implement to add photo comments to the RSS feed and/or is it on the agenda to change this so future versions of WordPress will add attachment comments to the RSS feed (and “Recent Comments” section)?

    – Hannes

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  • Do you know if I could (easily) add photo comments to my comment RSS feed – or create a new RSS feed just for photo comments?

    I haven’t checked it out, but do you know if photo comments are written in the same database table as other comments?

    OK, I checked the wp_comments table and it looks like comments on photos appear there – I don’t understand why they aren’t in the RSS feed for comments.

    Do you guys know if there is an easy hack to grab all comments from wp_comments (including photo comments) and create an RSS feed for them?

    Is this the right place to submit this kind of a feature request (to have photo comments in the comment RSS feed)? Or should I submit a ticket over at ?

    Another thing, in the album view would it be possible to show the number of comments a photo has gotten? Like [3] below a thumbnail if that photo has gotten 3 comments.


    – Hannes

    I was wondering as well… This doesn’t seem to be configurable. I wonder if it’s changeable via a plugin. If someone finds a solution please report it here.

    OK, in the most recent version of WordPress (2.7) photo comments appear on the dashboard under Recent Comments which is good but they still don’t appear in the comments RSS feed.

    Does anybody know if they’re working on fixing this in 2.8/2.9?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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