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  • I am reasonably happy with straightforward website design, have been doing so for years. Having been recommended to WordPress I am extremely disappointed how confusing it is. Why does it need a thousand different links to explain how to use it – it seems like a thousand, all over the place multiple links in one sentence means you never actually get to read a damn line. If I had 6 spare months then I might actually find some benefit in the many distractions in blue. Come on, clean up your act and make it a good experience for everyone.

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  • where are these links you’re talking about?



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    I am reasonably happy with straightforward website design, have been doing so for years.

    fine – nobody says that wordpress is for everyone. if you find it too complex or if you don’t understand the instructions, stay with what you do well.
    if you have problems in specific areas, please ask here.

    Your response is somewhat patronising and does not attempt to address the issues. Being confused and finding things too complexed are not the same. There isn’t anything so far that is too complex about WordPress itself other than the confusing messages presents – choosing the right routeways for example – there are too many to choose from. The website does not give me a good customer experience, it sends me round in circles and gives far to much in-sentence diversions. In other words make it clear and simple. Lay out your help and support in a way that does not overwhelm the individual, after all you don’t have to be a scientist to use this system – or do you!

    What specific issue are you experiencing?

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    The website does not give me a good customer experience

    Just as a minor point, this is free software with free volunteer support forums. So you’re not getting ‘normal’ customer service and never will here.

    If you’d like help, please, as MrMist said, give us a specific error and we’ll do what we can 🙂

    OK, lets draw a line under this issue. Nothing is perfect in life, and yes WordPress is free which is great. Volunteers do a fantastic job with not just their time but also their ideas and enthusiasm and I do appreciate that as well. All I ask for the future is this; Clear communications reduce frustration and the very fact that this topic has been raised is a clear indication that either I cannot see the wood for the trees (with their many branches), or perhaps I have arrived in the wrong forest – but I don’t think so!

    My WordPress is working but I know that it could work better, and it will in time. The many areas of support on that I will eventually find will be useful I am sure. There are many out there though who will never find that support and guidance because they will be confused and will actually give up without finding the solution. That will not only be a shame for them but also for WordPress.

    So all I ask is this, de-confuse by the use of clear written communications – dot the i’s and cross the t’s if need be – yes there are some idiots out like me who need just a little better clarification; and do not put multiple hyperlinks in mid sentences as they can be very distracting and unhelpful.


    I think he’s complaining about the hyperlinks in the middle of the text on the site. It’s quite rampant on the About page.

    Personally, I think that’s a good style as it gives context to the link. A whole list of links below will be even more unhelpful because there’ll be no context. You don’t have to follow them if they don’t interest you or if you find them unhelpful.

    Thanks to all

    Also remember, all the documentation in the codex (the help stuff) here on is written by volunteers.

    You are welcome to edit things, as am I

    But what that means is that the quality of the help is going to vary.

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