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  • I have tried this several times now. I have the plugin set to rebuild the sitemap manually.

    Whenever I make changes to pages and/or posts I rebuild the map.

    I noticed that sometimes the map does not rebuild even though the timestamp is updated.

    Several days ago I made changes and manually rebuilt the map and it seemed to work.

    Yesterday I changed 2 additional pages and rebuilt again and noticed that those changes do not reflect in the latest built.

    After trying it several times I decided to download another plugin (RPS sitemap generator) just to see what happens. I rebuilt the map using that plugin and it reflect the latest changes.

    Is there some cache or something else that must be deleted/cleared to rebuild the map. I just don’t understand why this plugin does not work correctly.

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  • It looks like this is a browser cache issue. This should be posted here in bold letters so everyone does not waste time with this. I have seen this issue raised several times in posts on this support forum.

    The issue seems to be that if you rebuild a sitemap with this plugin and then view it from the plugin setting page it will display whatever is in your browser’s cache. So if your browser cache has not been updated or deleted lately you will see an old file even thought the one that is sitting on your server updated correctly.

    When I downloaded that file sitting on the server and opened it up with a text editor it displayed the latest updates.

    Hope this helps someone else because I wasted hours on this. A simple line in the FAQs or one the initial page for this plugin could save everyone time.

    OMG, thank you for this post!! I thought the plugin was broken. DOH!
    I downloaded the xml file and all my stuff was in there! MUAH!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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