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    I have a dedicated server and my own SSL-EV certificate (so, I’m not sharing)

    SSL only works if I disable permalinks (what the hell?!)

    Admin works fine because it operates under the default permalink structure.

    Is there any way around this?

    I already have the WordPress HTTPS (SSL) plugin installed.

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  • SSL works fine with WordPress permalinks (reference: So, it is an issue with your particular installation.

    SSL only works if I disable permalinks

    What exactly happens when you enable permalinks?

    I was getting 404 errors but happily I’m past that now.

    Now what’s happening is the ‘lock’ shows up on the browser bar while the page is loading, then vanishes when the load completes. It ‘says’ https:// on the address line, but I know it’s not really SSL, it’s just operating on port 443.

    Admin functions are fine via HTTPS, I see the lock (in fact I see a green bar as I have an SSL-EV) but urls on the site itself are not secure when viewed as HTTPS



    Watch the browser bar when you click it… you’ll see the cert come up, then go away.

    You are using non-ssl based links in that page. Please check the “source” of that page to see what I meant. The green bar will stay on only if all the links in that page have https://. For example, in that example page, the link to “Account Info” links to http:// version. If you don’t want a particular page to *not* to have SSL, then you can do that using a redirect.

    You may also wanted to read the FAQ titled “How do I fix partially encrypted/mixed content errors?”.


    Okay, that wasn’t actually it; but it did help point me in the right direction, so thanks for that.

    Turns out there was a reference to a graphic in the CSS file that was hard coded to http://

    I removed the hard code, and all is well.

    Glad to be of some help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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