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  • I have recently shifted my website from drupal to wordpress. I had used drupal for 2 years and was in absolutely love with it except for that it was not very user friendly.
    I am using wordpress for the last one month and am in love with it for its intuitiveness and its user friendly interface.
    The one disadavantage of using wordpress is that though there’s a large number of plugins but a lot of them don’t work properly unlike Drupal

    For example, the forum software of wordpress-bbpress is really very primitive. No wonder you’ll see wordpress users losing their sleep over integrating other forums like mybb and phpbb into wordpress while drupal users are usually happy with the “Advanced Forum” module until and unless they don’t require something very sophisticated.
    While I don’t expect that wordpress would have those enriched functionality as some of those forum softwares , but the least I expect is that it should have features
    – There’s no WYSIWYG editor for bbpress. Now who the hell in this world wants a text editor on his forums without a texteditor Especially when I have a rapidly expanding userbase of 5000+ members and they want a rich text editor

    A WYSIWYG editor is really important for my forum and can anyone tell me how to integrate one in bbpress plugin because I have tried whatever I could ,but alas no success.
    Posting this topic again as missed tagging ipstenu.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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