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    In my new project using the altop theme, I have the following problem:
    When I upload an image of 600px by 400px full size into the content area, it is not shown full size in the webpage but resized to 450 by 300.
    In the source code of the page it says 600 by 400, and when you click on the pic and it is shown on a seperate page it is 600 by 400.
    However, in the webpage it is resized to 450 by 300, although there is enough room for 600px in width. When you right click the pic and look at the properties it says 600 by 400 resized to 450px by 300!
    in my WP settings/media for large size I have 1024 px,
    the uploaded pic has less than 120 KB.
    I´m using WP 3.3.1, with the altop theme (which I altered a bit)
    Have a look at it on:
    So why is the picture resized when appearing in the website?
    hopeful for an answer

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  • Review/modify:

    .con_right  img, .con_left img {
      max-width: 450px;
      height: auto;



    and other styles affecting images

    This is the applied style to that image and makes in 450px wide.

    wow – really, that was it!
    can´t believe how much time I spent with this prob…
    thank you so much for looking into it and anwering so quickly!!!!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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