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  • I’m puzzled about why WP’s new v. 2.0 image upload feature automatically creates thumbnails instead of full size images. I had a 250-200px image & it cut it in half in uploading it which renders it useless for my purposes.

    I don’t see any way to change default behavior for this feature. Am I missing something?

    It’s also uploading these files to the wp-content/uploads/…file folder. My images reside in another folder w. a diff filepath. Can someone remind me how I change the upload path (or can I still do that as you used to be able to do in previous versions)?

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  • Do what I have done. Get hold of IImage Browser and use your uploads like in 1.5.2!

    Image Browser looks like an “image insert” feature, but not an image upload feature (unless I’m wrong). I need the latter.

    Can someone recommend a good, simple image upload plugin which allows me to customize the folder path for my uploads & allows me to upload & display the original image size?

    IImage Browser is both upload and insert plugin.

    AH, OK. The documentation at the site (at least as I read it) only seemed to mention inserting images. I didn’t see anything about uploading. This could be the answers to my prayers!

    So it works well w. 2.0 I assume (otherwise you wouldn’t be recommending it)?

    I don’t see any way to change default behavior for this feature. Am I missing something?

    Clicking on the image in the text input area it will make possible to “drag” the corners to re-size it.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    But what if you’re not using the WYSIWYG editor? I get the same problem using the HTML editor, even when changing the “use thumbnail” option to “use image”, and the linking option to “not linked” – the insert code still uses the thumbnail-size height/width attributes. I had to change those attributes manually to display the image fully.

    Rather frustrating… or am I doing something wrong?

    I use photopress to upload and thumbnail….i just dont use the actual photopress album…i use 4images for a gallery so there’s no need for the album.

    ChipBennett: That’s precisely right. When using the html editor you can insert the full size image file into the post box but the image dimensions will be for the thumb size. That means you have to remember the full size image’s dimensions & manually insert them instead of the thumbnail dimensions. Frustrating is right.

    This seems like a headscratcher to me. Did the folks who created the image uploader ever try it out in full html (i.e. non-wysiwyg) mode? I just don’t think this feature is fully realized.

    Also, the previous file uploader allowed one to easily create thumbs & full sized images to display together in a post. Now, you can no longer customize the size of the thumb. It’s one (tiny) size thumb fits all. That just doesn’t cut it.

    Is iImage Browser compatible w. wp 2.01? And does it allow for customizing thumbnail sizes like the old default image uploader used to do?

    If you use “Send to editor” within the thumb menu, it’s inserted in the orgininal size (2.0.1)

    Richard1052: Yes

    I’m having the same problem with the current version – within the thumbnail browser I set “Use original” and “send to editor” but i still get the thumbnail image – can anyone advise please

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