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  • I’ve heard that WordPress is architected in a way that makes it more SEO friendly, even in comparison to other blog platforms. Is that true? If so, what does WordPress have that others don’t? Is it the canonical URL thing? Tags? Divs rather than tables?

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  • Thanks. The part about the content appearing before the sidebar was interesting.So search engines really only look at the first third of the page? I looked at my code in a browser and apparently my sidebar content appears above the regular content. Do you think that’s really hurting my SEO? I thought themes had to be coded like that, with the floating child element placed above the parent element.



    If your sidebar is floating then yes you have to put it above what it’s floating next to in the source code, assuming you aren’t using javascript to manipulate the document (at least until css3 is widely supported). As far as it hurting SEO, the short answer is that it probably is, since a sidebar often has h3 headers (like if it uses widgets), and the main content has h1-h3+ headers. An h1 header should not be below any other headers in the source code. Other than that, having any content (like a sidebar with links) above the main content in the document is going to somewhat dilute the page topic for a search engine.

    There are however, several methods other than floating that would allow you to place your sidebar after the main content, while still making it display alongside the content (holy grail, w3c tableless to give a couple starter examples).

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