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    I have just removed my banners from the blog and, what do you know, they still exist when I check them online! I’ve left it ten minutes now and that are still there (and yes I did refresh the page). How on earth can I test the appearance in the web browsers if it takes so long to update?

    How do others deal with this?

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  • WordPress generates pages dynamically, so the only reasons why you would still see old files are –

    1. You didn’t save changes.
    2. Your browser is still caching the old page/css.
    3. You’re browsing through a proxy and the proxy is caching the old page.
    4. You are running a cache plugin.

    Can’t see that’s it any of them.

    I pressed the “update files” button in the admin; I even ftp’d them up afterwards to make sure.

    I exited the browser and restarted it. I tried in Opera and in IE.

    I have a normal Internet connection, Tiscali and am with Yahoo SmallBusinesses which includes WordPress.

    There are no plug-ins active or even listed than I can see – there is one called the WordPress database backup – but that is not even active.

    To be honest I have had nothing but problems with WordPress, despite the (usually) nice interface there is a lack of contextual explanations as if it is assumed you know about it all already. The number of questions being posted on these forums would perhaps lessen if things were explained better, but then anyone who has ever read a computer manual will know that techies are not the best at that sort of thing 😉

    try holding down your Control key and clicking the Refresh page icon in your browser

    Essentially when you save a WordPress template, that’s it. That is now what the site will serve to the browser when a request is made. So, logically, a request isn’t being made.

    What’s the url for your site? What do you expect to see, and what are you seeing?

    Resolved – the web site AND preview screen do seem to show the cached content. It can be switched off by going into Options | wp-cache and deleting cached files.

    Thx all for your help.

    Ahh. That means it was

    4. You are running a cache plugin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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