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  • Is it me, or does anyone else think that actually finding something through searching sucks?

    It’s easier to just read all the pages of threads, imo.

    For example, I have a thread for category link sidebar navigation and using those words in the search field doesn’t find my thread. Sheesh.

    I’ve read the sticky note on searching forums, but I get no results from using the methods explained.

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  • the methods posted in the post at work very well.

    Could you elaborate on what you’ve tried?

    I’ve had great success with search strings like: Help Search (replace help search with whatever it is you really want to search for).

    Agreed. There does seem to be some sort of problem with the search.

    Not to pile on or anything, and the ‘tags’ concept is great, but only seems to work for the first page of results. There are links to more ‘pages’ of entries, but if you try to click to the next pages, those pages don’t have any entries. Disappointing when you’re looking for info on a specific topic.

    I too have not had much success following the instructions to go to google and use “” and my topic. The search function on the site used to work well. I don’t know why the search box is even on the site as it is just a mean taunt.

    One thing to note: it takes a couple of days for google to spider posts here. Very recent posts are not going to show in google….

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Before this thread takes on a life of it’s own, the sticky post on the front page is there because the integrated search isn’t so hot.

    The search IS on the list of things to be fixed. It has been noted here and on the mailing lists and something will be done.

    OK, but I agree it is a mean taunt as it is. That it is on the list to be fixed should be STATED in that sticky note rather than supply methods that still don’t work.

    But thanks for that info. It seems to be the same info as why you click the “category” tag in the cloud of tags and only get to see one page of the threads and posts… it’s a known problem and is on the list to be fixed.

    Why isn’t there a link to this search page?

    It works great.

    thanks a lot. justinbaeder. This is the true search!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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