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  • andrewjourney


    This post is more commentary than anything.

    While I’ve been making assorted websites since the inception of the web (my degree is in CS) in the 1990s, I’m now learning WordPress. I like how it makes web creation accessible to the masses plus the ability to edit a site anywhere at any time. (Granted, I used to be able to do that using ssh under Unix back in the day, pre-smart phones, but I’m not “the masses” and code was less involved.)

    BUT, I scratch my head on how some things that I’d expect to be a core WP feature are relegated to plugins. I mentioned this to my son this afternoon. (He’s doing math and coding for startup, just out of UCLA.) Tonight, I found an obvious example.

    In order to organize media into folders/directories, I need to install a plug-in. This seems nutty to me as this seems so fundamental.

    Media directories are something I’d like to see native to WP and elegant. The plug-ins I’ve seen today all seem slightly clunky.

    Carry on!

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  • Joy


    A lot of the decisions are made for the 80%.
    And one of the philosophies is “Decisions, not options”, meaning that the developer makes the decisions since the end user doesn’t have the knowledge or context to make the decision, and it’s streamlined rather than having lots of options for the user to have to figure out (still lacking the knowledge or context).



    I completely agree with @andrewjourney .. this is a fundamental thing that should just be built in. I’ve been using WordPress for years and it’s the noose around my neck as an organisational person and a photographer. I’m desperate to see it built in instead of having to run yet “another” plugin just for what should be a rudimentary feature. Add to that the ability to compress images!

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