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  • I’ve installed the “All in one SEO pack” plugin, and while I like having fields to edit the description and keywords metadata for pages and posts I am mystified by the addition of a second title field. Given that every page and post has to have a title in the first place (as far as I can tell, anyway) what is the extra title field for?

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  • This is so you can have variations. The ideal post title is short and catchy. The ideal title for search engines can be a little longer and contain two important keywords/phrases. It gives you this option as another tool in your arsenal but you don’t have to use it.



    There are cases when you may want to write the blog title “Ha ha, sucker!” but the page title for the search engines would be “Garth Brooks Is #1 On Country Billboard Charts”.




    I’d like to use your plugin in conjunction with the language switcher plugin from here:

    but I have some problems getting titles to display in different languages. my current testpage is here:

    pretty much should already display in 3 different languages. BUt the page title displays all language versions. The language switchers page, has a very nice explanation how to modify plugins (apply fitlers) to make them compatible. I don’t wann work i nvain, so maybe the author can adapt his plugin if its not too much work?

    here is the link to the how-to:

    I would very much appreciate a feedback on this.

    @ovidiu: I can have a look at this. The problem with forum posts is that I don’t get notified. I recommend posting this on the plugin’s main page, there things don’t get lost, I get notified immediately and you can subscribe to the comments there.

    thx I’ll do so. I have formerly had some problems posting there, due to my IP- being in a remote country, almost all my ISPs IPs are blacklisted so I can’t get past i.e. bad behaviour.

    I’ll try again posting there right now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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